The Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine’s vision is to create healthier lives for all by driving ultrasound excellence. Our mission is to foster a collaborative multi-disciplinary community of highly competent health professionals who deliver ultrasound excellence.

ASUM provides ongoing education, events and standards across all disciplines of diagnostic ultrasound. We recognise and acknowledge the many generous volunteers who enable ASUM to provide these essential resources to the broader ultrasound community to deliver quality patient care and outcomes.

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ASA and ASUM joint Guidelines for Reducing Injuries to all Ultrasound Users
Download  safety-asum Musculoskeletal, WHS, WMSD

COVID‐19: Infection prevention and control guidance for all ultrasound practitioners
Link  safety-asum Disinfection, cleaning, infection control, PPE

Guidelines for Reprocessing Ultrasound Transducers
Link  safety-asum Disinfection, sterilisation, cleaning, infection control

Policy on Diagnostic Ultrasound Services
Download  safety-asum Sonographer, equipment, guidelines, report

Safety Statement on Continuous Wave Doppler Fetal Monitoring
Download  safety-asum Neonatal, cardiac, safety

Statement on Doppler Ultrasound
Download  safety-asum Exposure, cardiac, fetal

Statement on Ultrasound and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Download  safety-asum Obstetrics, fetal, genetics

WFUMB Clinical Safety Statement for Diagnostic Ultrasound – An overview
Link  safety-asum Exposure, bioeffects

WFUMB Recommendations on Non-medical Use of Ultrasound
Link  safety-asum Exposure, bioeffects

WFUMB/ISUOG Policy Statement on Souvenir Imaging of the Fetus
Link  safety-asum Exposure, bioeffects, obstetrics

WFUMB/ISUOG Statement on the Safe Use of Doppler Ultrasound During 11-14 week scans (or earlier in pregnancy)
Link  safety-asum obstetrics gynaecology-asum Exposure, bioeffects, obstetrics