DDU e-Case Submission

3 myASUM CPD Points available

Contribute by helping ASUM build its DDU e-Case library and be awarded 3 myASUM CPD Points

Advance the clinical practice of diagnostic medical ultrasound for the highest standard of patient care

The Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (DDU) continues to be the leading professional qualification providing subspecialty training in ultrasound. ASUM is privileged to have members with extensive knowledge and skills to support DDU candidates with their training and ASUM would like to reward our members for their efforts by granting CPD points for e-Case Submissions.

It is easy to engage!

Have you seen an unusual case recently? Have you been saving your interesting images/loops but do not know how to use them for educating others? Would you like more opportunities to acquire CPD points?

ASUM is seeking e-Case contributors to help ASUM build its DDU e-Case library.

We are seeking contributions across all specialties of the DDU and will award 3 myASUM CPD points (category 4. Other) for each eligible e-Case and marking rubric submitted.

How to submit your cases?

If you have any questions, please email the education team education@asum.com.au who will assist. Please note e-Case submissions are not open to current DDU candidates.