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CCPU Program Documents

CCPU Announcements

To ensure the best standards of patient care and to align our programs with modern ultrasound practice ASUM undertakes a process of continual improvement. As such we are pleased to make the below announcements.

As part of ASUM’s continual improvement process, the CCPU Board has reviewed the Breast and Endocrine CCPU units. The outcome of this review is as follows:

  • The Endocrine unit has been replaced by the unit Interventional Endocrine.
  • Introduction of the new CCPU unit Non-Interventional Endocrine.
  • The option to complete the Breast and Endocrine units as a combined unit is no longer offered.

Additionally, to ensure the best standards of patient care and to align our programs with modern ultrasound practice, the breast and endocrine CCPU syllabi have been revised. With this revision, the logbook and recertification requirements of these units have also changed. A breakdown of the changes made to the logbook and recertification requirements can be accessed here.

The updated syllabi are now live on the ASUM website. You can access them through the links below:

Who does this effect?

Candidates who have attended an accredited Breast and/or Endocrine course prior to 1 April 2021 may complete under the previous requirements. Please contact the ASUM Education Team if you need a copy of the previous syllabi.

Candidates who have not yet attended an accredited Breast and/or Endocrine course as of 1 April 2021 will need to complete their CCPU under the new requirements.

Gold Standard Requirements

Previously, all candidates were required to compare 100% of their logbook entries to a gold standard (further imaging, clinical unit, supervisor observation, etc.), as outlined in the CCPU Regulations (Section 8.4). This requirement has been reframed and is now called ‘Comparison with Further Imaging or Clinical Outcome’.

In the logbook, the ‘Comparison with Further Imaging or Clinical Outcome’ column should describe the further imaging or the final outcome of the patient. In this column, candidates must compare at least 50% of their logbook findings to further imaging, this includes stating the imaging method and commenting on whether the further imaging confirmed, contradicted, or expanded on their findings. The CCPU Logbook templates have been updated to reflect this change and are available on the ASUM website.

Who does this effect?

  • Candidates who commenced their logbook/s prior to 1 April 2021 may submit under the previous requirements.
  • Candidates who commence their logbook/s after 1 April 2021 will need to submit under the new requirements.

E-FAST Clinical Indications

A review of the eFAST clinical indication has been completed. Following survey feedback the eFAST logbook clinical indication has been amended and approved by the CCPU Board. The logbook requirements are now:

Twenty-five (25) eFAST scans, including:

Five (5) positives, demonstrated by any or all of free fluid in peritoneal, pleural or pericardial spaces or pneumothorax from ANY cause.

The Supervisors Handbook is intended to provide existing and potential supervisors with guidance as to the:

  • Roles and responsibilities of CCPU Primary and Associate supervisors.
  • CCPU requirements.
  • CCPU Competency framework.

The CCPU Supervisor Handbook is available here.

ASUM greatly appreciates both primary and associate supervisors who are integral to CCPU training and generously give their time and expertise to support CCPU candidates.

We are pleased to announce that the Vascular Access unit now has an expanded primary supervisor criterion. The following professionals are now able to be the primary supervisor of a vascular access candidate:

  • Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)
  • Fellow of the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM)
  • Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA)

Please note that this is for the vascular access unit only. These positions have been added to the Primary Supervisor Declaration Form.

The CCPU enrolment eligibility has now been expanded beyond general registration, to include appropriately qualified clinicians on limited and provisional AHPRA registration.

This decision was made to support a broader range of trainee’s interested in point of care ultrasound. For example, trainees filling temporary fellowship positions.

Candidates enrolled under this pathway must meet all CCPU Regulation requirements to be awarded a CCPU.

CCPU UPDATE – 7 April 2020

We are continuing to monitor the situation and based on feedback and an ever evolving situation, we are extending the application closing date for CCPU COVID-19 Deferment to 17 April 2020.

The deferment will extend until 1 July 2020, however may be reassessed by 31 May 2020. During this time, logbook entries will not be considered while deferred from the CCPU program.

CCPU COVID-19 DEFERMENT – 13 March 2020

The Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) are aware that a number of our CCPU supervisors and trainers are currently unable to offer ultrasound training to CCPU trainees due to workload and limitations for non-essential staff due to COVID-19.

ASUM acknowledges and supports this decision to reduce risk where possible and would offer an option to those currently enrolled in CCPU to defer their current training without prejudice.

At this stage we will offer a 3-month deferment with applications for this closing 31 March 2020. We will reassess this evolving situation by 31 May 2020. ASUM will then communicate a decision to extend the deferment period, or any alternative plan offered. During this time, logbook entries will not be considered while deferred from the CCPU program.


To allow us to manage this within the governance framework for CCPU, we would request that all candidates looking to defer due to changes in training opportunities, complete the CCPU Covid-19 Deferment Form and send it to

Should you wish to defer from the CCPU for other reasons, please refer to the CCPU Guidelines for Application for Special Consideration.

If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding the deferment, please contact the Education Team at


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