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ASUM implemented changes to the Certificate of Clinician Performed Ultrasound (CCPU) regulations regarding the role of the Primary Supervisor in November 2019. This change was implemented to align with current practice across many (but not all) specialty colleges (e.g. RANZCR, RANZCOG, CICM) to streamline processes and allow local oversight in assigning resources, appropriate support and collaboration for a team approach to best manage this. The intention was not to exclude sonographers or other relevant supervisors.

Following feedback and multiple discussions relating to the role of supervision in the CCPU and CAHPU, ASUM has received several great concepts to be considered to address the various scenarios. As the CCPU and CAHPU cover a broad scope of specialties and clinical settings, we are keen to hear back from a broader group as to the real experience in the field, roadblocks for supervision and any recommendations you may have to help ASUM in determining a solution that can be administered appropriately. This will support our understanding and guide any potential changes to the CCPU and CAHPU regulations.

With that in mind, we have created a short survey to capture information on the role of supervisor in the CCPU and CAHPU. If preferred, you are welcome to submit a more detailed review and potential solution via email at We welcome input from all clinical settings, whether a large tertiary hospital or a small regional clinical practice.

ASUM will then collate the information and review this with the relevant boards and committees. Our plan is to invite specific stakeholders to evaluate the proposals relevant to practice improving access to supervision while still maintaining the required standard.

ASUM will update this website page when we have additional information to share.

For further information please contact the ASUM Team.

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