CCPU Frequently Asked Questions

Version 25 January 2022

How long is enrolment in the CCPU?

Enrolment in the CCPU is for three (3) years. However, you have two (2) years to complete logbooks and assessments from the accredited course certificate date.

Can I complete the CCPU if I am an international clinician?

The CCPU Regulation’s eligibility requires clinicians to be registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) and practicing in Australia or New Zealand. Clinicians who are on a Limited Registration may complete the CCPU but must be practicing in Australia and allow sufficient time to complete the program requirements for courses, logbooks and assessments. ASUM do not accredit international supervisors.

Does my previous experience count?

The CCPU has a Recognition of Prior Learning policy and application document here.

Can I add additional CCPU units to my original enrolment?

Yes, you may compete additional units that were not indicated on your original enrolment, as long as they are within your specialty and scope of practice. You must complete the entirety of these units within your three (3) year enrolment, or you will have to reenrol into the program. Logbooks and assessments must be complete within two (2) years of attending an accredited course.

Where do I find the physics tutorial?

You can only access the physics tutorial and quizzes once you are officially enrolled into the CCPU program. The physics tutorial is located on myASUM, ASUM’s online member portal. The physics tutorial is grouped into three sections. Candidates must pass all three sections to complete the physics component.

How do I find out if a course is accredited for the CCPU?

In the first instance, check ASUM’s CCPU Training Providers registry to establish whether the training provider is registered with the CCPU. To further confirm if a specific course is accredited for the CCPU, visit the training provider’s website, as it is a requirement for the training provider to state this accreditation for each course. If you need further clarification about whether a course is accredited for the CCPU, contact the ASUM Education Team (

 Who recognises the CCPU?

Many colleges including ACEM, CICM, RANZCOG, Sports Medicine, FRACP and Phlebology.

Can I change my nominated primary supervisor?

Yes, please consult the CCPU Supervisors Handbook for details of the procedure.

Where can I find information about supervision requirements?

Eligibility requirements for supervisors are outlined in the CCPU Regulations. A detailed explanation of primary and associate supervisor roles and responsibilities are outlined in the CCPU Supervisors Handbook.

What is myASUM?

The myASUM portal is where all the member benefits are located within the ASUM website. Login access is available through a tab located at the top right-hand corner of the website. Access is available to all current financial ASUM members.

The myASUM area includes:

  • CCPU educational documents
  • Physics tutorial
  • FELS (Focused Echocardiography in Life Support) quiz
  • Case studies and quizzes
  • Lectures and presentations from past ASUM conferences
  • Access to AJUM (Australasian Journal for Ultrasound in Medicine), an international peer reviewed medical journal
  • A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) record system to log and track CPD points for recertification. All educational quizzes, recordings, and webinars you complete through ASUM will be automatically recorded into myASUM CPD. Instructions on CPD entry processes are located in the CCPU Recertification Handbook.
  • Discount of 35% off Wiley textbooks. website link located in myASUM.

Where are the CCPU syllabi located?

All syllabi are located on the CCPU main webpage. Click the name of the units to access the syllabus.

Where are the CCPU assessments located?

The formative and summative assessments are located at the end of each syllabus document.

Do I need to recertify the CCPU qualification?

Yes, CCPU qualifications need to be recertified every five (5) years. The recertification due date is listed on the CCPU Certificate. CCPU recertification requires the presentation of a recertification logbook and CPD record. Information regarding CCPU recertification requirements are located in the CCPU Regulations. Instructions on how to recertify are outlined in the CCPU Recertification Handbook.

 Does the recertification logbook need to be signed by a supervisor?

No, scans recorded for recertification do not need to be reviewed/signed off by a supervisor. The purpose of the recertification logbook is to demonstrate the ongoing maintenance of that ultrasound skill. ASUM provides template recertification logbooks for both the general CCPU units and neonatal CCPU units.

What is the CCPU Certification Register?

The CCPU Certification Register lists the individuals who are currently accredited with the CCPU, who choose to be publicly presented on the registry. CCPU Holders have the choice not to be presented on the registry. CCPU Holders who do not recertify will be removed from the registry.

Does a CCPU articulate to a DDU?

No. As the CCPU is a point of care credential, scans cannot be used towards the DDU as it is a diagnostic credential or vice versa.