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ASUM Research and Grants

The Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine provides funding for two research grants of up to $20,000 annually. These grants are available to researchers who have been members of ASUM for at least the two years prior to application.

1 June Expressions of Interest (EOI) applications open
1 September Expressions of Interest (EOI) close
30 September EOIs evaluated and Full Applications invited
30 October Full Applications close
15 December Successful applicants contacted
Mid-February First instalment paid (40% of award)
Mid-June Progress report due and second installment paid (30% of award)
September/October Presentation at the ASM and final installment paid (remainder 30% of award)
Submission of manuscript to AJUM once research study has been complete
Please refer to the Research and Grants Handbook for more information.

EOI Form

  • Opens 1 June
  • Closes 1 September
  • Full applications will be invited from successful EOI¬†applicants
  • 2017
  • Alison Lee-Tannock and Dr Sailesh Kumar
  • Characterisation of Fetal, Neonatal and Childhood cardiac function in fetuses at risk of cardiac dysfunction.
  • Assoc Prof James Rippey, Dr Jason Scop and Dr Ian Gawthrope
  • The Practice and Impact of subspecialist Emergency Physician sonologists (DDU) in a Tertiary Emergency Department.
  • 2016
  • Larissa Bligh and Dr Sailesh Kumar
  • Development of a screening test for intrapartum fetal compromise using the fetal cerebroplacental ratio (CPR) and maternal PIGF levels.
Name: Larissa Bligh
Research project title: Antenatal screening for intrapartum fetal compromise in low risk women.
Awarded in 2015 for: $20,000
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  • Dr Nilkant Phad and Dr Koert de Waal
  • Comparison of common methods of left ventricular volume quantification in preterm infants.
  • 2015
  • Dr Stefan Kane and Professor Shaun Brennecke
  • Maternal ophthalmic artery Doppler waveform analysis in the assessment and management of pre-eclampsia
A consultant obstetrician undertaking subspecialist training in maternal fetal medicine at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne.
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  • Associate Professor Donna Taylor, Dr James Seow and Dr Deepthi Nanayakkara
  • Ultrasound visible breast biopsy markers: Can these be used for preoperative ultrasound guided lesion localisation?
  • 2014
  • Assoc Prof Konstantin Yastrebov, Prof Anthony McLean and Prof John Myburgh
  • CHAISE study: Comparative Haemodynamic Assessment: InvaSive and Echocardiographic techniques.
Name: Konstantin Yastrebov
Research project title: Comparative Haemodynamic Assessment: InvaSive and Echocardiographic techniques (CHAISE)
Awarded in 2013 for: $20,000
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  • Dr Fabricio da Silva Costa and Dr Padma Murthi
  • First and second trimester prediction of pre-eclampsia.
  • 2013
  • Jenni Sanderson and Prof Alec Welsh
  • Application of Spatio-temporal Imaging Correlation (STIC) to the placenta and fetal kidney to evaluate perfusion using novel volumetric pulsatility indices.
  • Dr Timothy Schindler and Prof Alec Welsh
  • Fractional Moving Blood Volume (FMBV) using Doppler images as a measure of cerebral perfusion in the neonate.
  • Kate Russo, Prof Jon Hyett, Dr Peter Muller and Dr Rosalie Grivell
  • Ultrasound assessment of maternal cardiac function as a predictive tool for pre-eclampsia.
  • 2012
  • Prof Alec Welsh
  • Fetal cardiovascular evaluation after maternal betamethasonevs dexamethasone administration.
  • Dr Mate Rudas
  • Echocardiographic evaluation of the haemodynamic effects of PEEP adjustment in patients with acute lung injury in the ICU.