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ASUM Conferences

Year Location Convenor Attendance
1971 Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney Dr George Kossoff 60
1972 Medical School, University of Sydney Dr William Garrett
1973 Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories, Sydney Dr David Robinson
1974 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Dr Jim Ryan 60
1975 Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney (joint meeting with Nuc. Med and Physics in Med. & Biology conference) Dr George Kossoff 150
1976 Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Dr John McCaffrey
1977 Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney Dr William Garrett 140
1978 St. Vincents Hospital, Melbourne Dr Ian McDonald 200
1979 Adelaide Town Hall Dr Peter Verco
1980 Sydney (joint meeting with International Congress of Acoustics) Dr Peter Duffy 241
1981 Chevron Paradise Hotel, Surfers Paradise Dr John McCaffrey 237
1982 National Academy of Science, Canberra Dr Fred Lomas 214
1983 Hilton Hotel, Melbourne Dr Beresford Buttery 259
1984 Hilton International, Adelaide Dr Suzie Langlois 271
1985 Sydney Hilton & Centrepoint, Sydney (with WFUMB’85) Dr William Garrett 1200
1986 King Ambassador Hotel, Perth Dr Richard Picker 200+
1987 Rex Hotel, Canberra Dr Fred Lomas 385
1988 Conrad International Hotel, Gold Coast Dr Greg O’Brien 369
1989 Hilton International, Melbourne Dr Lach. de Crespigny 460
1990 Adelaide Convention Centre Dr Barry Chatterton 621
1991 Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney Dr Dave Robinson 796
1992 Christchurch Town Hall, Christchurch Dr Gerald Duff 269
1993 Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne Dr Susie Woodward 665
1994 Burswood Convention Centre, Perth Dr John Fraser 477
1995 Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney Dr Bruno Guiffre 638
1996 Brisbane Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane Dr Greg O’Brien, Mrs Sue Davies 576
1997 Wrest Point Hotel and Convention Centre, Tasmania Dr R Jones 401
1998 Crown Towers, Melbourne Dr R Dowling 847
1999 Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Dr Barry Chatterton 471
2000 Carlton Hotel, Auckland Dr G Parry 365
2001 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney Dr Fergus Scott 700
2002 Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast Mrs Roslyn Savage 498
2003 Burswood International Resort Casino & Convention Centre, Perth Dr J Dickinson, Mrs Jenni Kidd 430
2004 Star City, Sydney Dr Glenn McNally 600
2005 Adelaide Convention Centre, Hyatt Regency, Adelaide Mr Steven Bird, A/Prof Roger Davies 582
2006 Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne Drs M Andrews and Andrew Ngu 600+
2007 Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns Dr E Carter, Mrs D Moir 500
2008 Skycity Auckland Convention Centre, Auckland Drs David Rogers and D Davies-Payne 470+
2009 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney (joint meeting with WFUMB 2009 and incorporating MDW 2009) Prof Robert Gibson 2400
2010 Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland Ms Ros Savage 368
2011 Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne Dr Andrew Ngu, Ms Margaret Condon 514
2012 Hilton Hotel, Sydney Dr Fergus Scott 347
2013 Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney (joint meeting with ISUOG 2013) 1245
2014 Crown Promenade, Melbourne Dr Ritu Mogra 583
2015 Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney A/Prof Fabricio Costa, A/Prof George Condous 635
2016 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland Sue Davies 709
2017 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Dr Padma Rao 812
2018 Skycity Auckland Convention Centre, Auckland Rex de Ryke and Jo McCann 376
2018 Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
2019 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne (joint meeting with WFUMB 2019) A/Prof George Condous and A/Prof Christian Nols√łe 1340
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