Patient Experience Agency and ASUM 

Patient Experience Agency is excited to partner with ASUM, offering its members a 10% discount off the full price of all our Patient Experience (PX) improvement learning programs.

Patient Experience Agency supports health, aged and disability care organisations in partnering with their consumers to enhance experiences and outcomes. Our mission is to champion the patient experience (PX) through a holistic, human-centred approach, leading to better patient outcomes, higher satisfaction and more engaged staff.

We offer a comprehensive range of PX improvement learning resources and services, including:

  • PX improvement online learning and courses
  • PX improvement consulting and coaching
  • Patient and stakeholder journey mapping
  • Voice of the patient or patient feedback programs
  • Patient and consumer insights and engagement
  • Speaking and workshop facilitation

Our services help healthcare professionals and organisations to:

  • Facilitate partnerships with patients to deeply understand their needs and identify friction points in the current PX
  • Translate patient insights into actionable PX improvement strategies
  • Use design thinking processes to empower them to co-design exceptional experiences with their patients
  • Embed a culture of continuous patient feedback and improvement
  • Identify and measure the outcomes that matter to patients

We have successfully collaborated with various healthcare organisations, including ultrasound providers, to better understand patient journeys and identify areas for PX improvement. Through our partnership with ASUM, we look forward to continuing this work and supporting ASUM members in enhancing their patient experiences.

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