The Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine’s vision is to create healthier lives for all by driving ultrasound excellence. Our mission is to foster a collaborative multi-disciplinary community of highly competent health professionals who deliver ultrasound excellence.

ASUM provides ongoing education, events and standards across all disciplines of diagnostic ultrasound. We recognise and acknowledge the many generous volunteers who enable ASUM to provide these essential resources to the broader ultrasound community to deliver quality patient care and outcomes.

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Application Guidelines for Special Consideration and Arrangements
Download  education research grants-asum Examination, assessment, CCPU, DDU, CAHPU, DMU

ASUM Academic Misconduct / Plagiarism Policy
Download  education research grants-asum Appeals, penalties, integrity

ASUM Position Statement Minimum Education & Training Requirements for Ultrasound Practitioners
Link  education research grants-asum Competence, PoCUS, CCPU, DDU, CAHPU, DMU

ASUM Research and Grants Policy
Download  education research grants-asum Funding, award, eligibility criteria

Education Protocol: Competences Required of Cardiac Sonographers Who Practice Adult Transthoracic Cardiac Ultrasound Examinations
Download  education research grants-asum Echocardiography, TTE

NZ Medical Radiation Technologists Board Competence Standards for Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand (2018)
Link  education research grants-asum Competence, training, safety

Policy on Scanning of Live Models on the Exhibition Floor During ASUM Events/Conferences
Download  education research grants-asum Safety, informed consent, infection control

Policy on Scanning of Live Subjects for Teaching Purposes at ASUM Events
Download  education research grants-asum Demonstrator, informed consent

Position Statement on Recognition of Training and Qualifications
Download  education research grants-asum DMU, sonographer, assessment, RPL

Statement on the Education, Training and Supervision of Trainee Sonographers
Download  education research grants-asum Qualification, accreditation, supervisor

Statement on the Practice of Ultrasound by Sonographers
Download  education research grants-asum Training, supervision, accreditation, ethics, CPD

Statement on the Use of Ultrasound by Medical Practitioners
Download  education research grants-asum CCPU, DDU, training, PoCUS, CPD