In September 2023 ASUM Outreach volunteers Felicity Park, Jenna McDuff & Trang Tran joined Jo McCann & Sue Westerway to deliver an obstetrics workshop at the WFUMB Centre of Education in Fiji.  

The WFUMB centre is run out of the Fiji National University (FNU) in Suva with the aim to run a minimum of 3 hands-on courses each year across all specialities. 

The fabulous FNU staff organised multiple obstetric patients, along with their referring obstetricians, for the 24 participants who came from many Pacific nations for the 2-day course. 

The course changed the immediate management of 4 patients with the diagnosis of placenta previa & vasa previa in the 3rd trimester.  Our volunteers were highly valued and were grateful for the experience and are keen to be involved with more outreach projects. 

Sue is Co-Director of the CoE in Fiji and is actively seeking self-funded volunteers to assist with other courses such as musculoskeletal, vascular, general, obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound. If you are interested, please complete an expression of interest and email to