ASUM’s Awards of Excellence program recognises and rewards outstanding achievement. It provides a wonderful opportunity for peers to formally recognize and celebrate leaders in their field who are striving to advance the quality and standards of their profession. Showcasing a broad range of outstanding achievements encourages and supports the dedication and commitment that drives innovation and excellence.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Awards of Excellence:

Life Member – Prof Robert Gibson

Honorary Fellow – Le-Anne Grimshaw

DDU Dux 2022 – Dr Elizabeth Luxford

DDU Dux 2022 – Dr Yogeesan Sivakumaran

DMU Dux 2022 – Christopher Collins

AJUM Article of the Year – Dr Nathan Peters

Sonologist of the Year – Dr Avijit Barai

Sonographer of the Year – Daniel Walkley

Educator of the Year – Elissa Kennedy-Smith

Educator of the Year – Dr Vijay Manivel

Humanitarian of the Year – Jonathan Henry

Delwyn Nicholls Scholarship Recipient – Sarah Williamson

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