Guidelines for the Operation of Vascular Ultrasound Practices 

Duplex Doppler Ultrasound Extracranial Carotid Artery Disease (New*)

Guidelines on the Performance of an Intracranial Cerebrovascular Ultrasound

Peripheral Venous Ultrasound

Statement on Extracranial Cerebrovascular Ultrasound

Statement on the Peripheral Arterial Ultrasound

Statement on Use of “Superficial Femoral Vein” Term

Visceral Vascular Testing Using Ultrasound

Interpretation of peripheral arterial and venous doppler waveforms: A consensus statement from the Society for Vascular Medicine (U.S.) and Society for Vascular Ultrasound (U.S.) and endorsed by ASUM

Vascular Medicine Journal

Journal for Vascular Ultrasound