RealTime – AJUM URL Correction

//RealTime – AJUM URL Correction

RealTime – AJUM URL Correction

2016 May AJUM – How do Members and Non-Members connect?

The ASUM office has been inundated with excited members trying to access the latest issue of AJUM, which is fantastic news. Unfortunately, we had made a simple url error in our recent RealTime. Please accept our apologies for any confusion that may have been experienced as a result.

ASUM Members have access to the electronic version of the current AJUM issue (in this case May 2016) for free as a Member Benefit. You can access the e-journal by clicking on the AJUM icon after logging into myASUM. This will then take ASUM members through to the unlocked journal for their reading pleasure.

Those who are not members do not have free access to the current issue of AJUM, but may pay our publisher, Wiley, to gain access to the journal via

ASUM Members and Non-Members alike can gain free access to past issues of the journal electronically via
We hope everyone enjoys the May 2016 issue of AJUM.

ASUM Members enjoy 35% discount on all other Wiley products – use the code SD263

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