Infection Prevention, myASUM password, ASAR AGM, Corporate Corner

//Infection Prevention, myASUM password, ASAR AGM, Corporate Corner

Infection Prevention, myASUM password, ASAR AGM, Corporate Corner

Taking Infection Prevention in Ultrasound Global

The ASUM / ACIPC Guidelines for Reprocessing Ultrasound Transducers released in 2017 written by ultrasound clinicians, infection prevention and control experts and microbiologists, has had international impact and opened up discussion on best practices. Whilst we are excited to raise awareness and debate on this important issue, we acknowledge the requirement for more research into this area to assist with revision of the next set of Guidelines.

ASUM’s resident team member, Dr Jocelyne Basseal, who manages the journal AJUM, along with Research Grants and Standards of Practice has an academic and research background in Microbiology and is driving further research into infection prevention in ultrasound. Jocelyne along with her colleague Sue Westerway and collaborators Jon Hyett and Jacques Abramowicz have recently published the WFUMB global survey on Medical Ultrasound Disinfection and Hygiene practices revealed a gap in knowledge of basic infection prevention measures in ultrasound. Keep an eye out for future research results within the Emergency Dept.

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