Help for patient health in store from new ultrasound charity

//Help for patient health in store from new ultrasound charity

Help for patient health in store from new ultrasound charity

The Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) has established a new charity, ASUM Outreach, which will advance patient health by reaching out to disadvantaged and low socio-economic communities with ultrasound training for local health workers.

Registration of ASUM Outreach as a recognised charity builds on the early work ASUM has done supporting patients and health workers in remote and regional Australia, New Zealand and parts of the Pacific and Indonesia.

The registration was realised with support from Crowe Horwath whose expert staff provided pro-bono advice on the establishment of the charity and achieving a tax-deductible status with endorsement from the Australian Taxation Office.

ASUM CEO Lyndal Macpherson said ultrasound was crucial in identifying health issues such as heart disease, cancer detection and obstetric issues.

“Already thousands of people living in areas like Darwin, Bali and the Solomon Islands have benefited from informal outreach work conducted by ASUM and generous members who shared their knowledge and skills with local health workers,” Ms Macpherson said.

“Everyone working in health has a desire to improve patient outcomes and by equipping local staff with new skills we can make a real difference to the care that can be offered in disadvantaged and low socio-economic communities.

“Recently, we flew into Darwin and had 13 midwives attend a two-day intensive course on basic obstetric ultrasound. In cities access to ultrasound is a given and this can deliver vital information that ensures the best possible outcome for the mother and baby. We’re looking forward to growing the number of patients benefiting from this care in rural and remote areas now ASUM Outreach is a recognised charity.”

The key purpose of ASUM Outreach will be to realise the prevention and control of diseases in people by advancing the use of medical diagnostic ultrasound for people living in rural and remote regions of Australia, New Zealand and some regional neighbours.

Ms Macpherson said the support of Crowe Horwath had been instrumental in realising the charity’s tax-deductible status.

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Crowe Horwath to see ASUM Outreach come to fruition,” Ms Macpherson said.

“Their generous advice and support will realise real health improvement for people.

Donations received via members or the wider community are now offered as a tax-deductible donation.

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