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DMU Forms and Regulations

COVID-19 Announcements

DMU exam times are approaching and ASUM remains conscious of the many issues our students and supervisors are facing with COVID-19.

ASUM understands that students are keen to work toward DMU completion by taking their assessments in 2020. As such, the DMU committee have met a number of times over the last couple of months to consider all possible options and have decided on methods of delivery that are feasible and fair to all students attempting in 2020.

ASUM wishes to confirm the following details regarding our 2020 Part 2 assessments:


Date: Friday, 25 September 2020
Location: Cliftons Sydney, Cliftons Wellington and Cliftons Melbourne

We understand that current travel restrictions will not impact most students registered for the 2020 written assessment. As such, only Cliftons Melbourne was added to our venue options to accommodate for candidates located in Melbourne only.


Date: Saturday, 26 September 2020
Location: Cliftons Sydney, Cliftons Wellington, Cliftons Melbourne, Cliftons Brisbane, Cliftons Perth, and a Clifton’s sister venue in Darwin.

We understand that current travel restrictions will impact most examiners and students registered for the 2020 CBD assessment. As such, the addition of other Cliftons venues will allow both examiners and candidates to travel to their local Cliftons instead.

Examiners will be connected to all candidates through a video conferencing app hosted by Cliftons. Hosting this assessment through Cliftons will help ensure assessment conditions and integrity remain in place while minimising issues relating to internet connection.

Students registered for the 2020 CBD are encouraged to continue preparing as they would normally do for the CBD assessments. ASUM is working with Cliftons to ensure smooth delivery of this assessment and will provide further information soon.

* All candidates will be expected to follow the required health guidelines when attempting their assessment in Cliftons. This information will be included in further communications regarding the respective assessments.


Date: October – November 2020

We understand that your practice’s protocols and guidelines may impact the ability to deliver your Mini-CEXs (i.e. patient organisation, permission for external visitors). As such, students registered for the 2020 Mini-CEX and their respective supervisors will soon be asked to provide further information regarding their practice that may affect the delivery of the Mini-CEXs.

Can I defer my assessments?

ASUM understands that some students may no longer feel comfortable in taking the assessments under the current circumstances. As such, candidates who are not required by regulations and ASAR/NZMRTB to complete their assessments in 2020 may choose to defer their assessments to 2021 without any financial penalties.

Special Consideration

Any other specific considerations should be proactively addressed to the ASUM office as per the Special Consideration Policy.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact the Education Team.

These are uncertain times and we are conscious of the many issues our students and supervisors are facing with COVID-19. In this challenging time, ASUM is concerned for the wellbeing of the healthcare community as they deliver ultrasound and other necessary services and understand many of you may have faced changes in clinical practice or training.

ASUM has contacted both the Australian Sonographers Accreditation Registry (ASAR) and the New Zealand Medical Radiation Practice Board (NZMRTB) to highlight our concerns on behalf of our DMU students. ASUM will continue to advocate on your behalf to minimise the impact of COVID-19 where possible.

ASUM wishes to confirm that the submission dates for the required assessments will remain as per the 2020 Academic Calendar. The DMU Board of Examiners acknowledges that a number of students have been affected in various ways since the 11 March 2020 and would encourage candidates unable to meet these requirements formally request special consideration prior to the submission dates for review.

Written assessments, case-based discussions and mini-CEX to be held in June-September 2020 are postponed. ASUM will continue to monitor this evolving situation and hope to offer examinations and assessments in the last quarter of the year. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information.

Following discussions with the DMU committee, we have reviewed various options relating to practice in these unprecedented times. To provide guidance in relation to the DMU regulations and requirements to support both students and supervisors, we will accept the following inclusions in logbook submissions;

  • Truncated examinations as they relate to COVID-19 and practice protocols, under supervision and performed between 11 March 2020 until present.
  • Truncated examinations cannot exceed 10% of the entire logbook.


  • Minimum standards for the CBA must be achieved. Candidates are encouraged to utilise appropriate cases completed within the last 9 months.
  • Any concerns or specific considerations should be proactively addressed to the ASUM office as per the Special Consideration Policy.

If you have any questions or require further clarification please contact the Education Team at


Enrolment Forms

This course is no longer available for enrolment.

ASUM can confirm that all currently enrolled students will be eligible for registration with the New Zealand Medical Radiation Technology Board (MRTB) upon successful completion of the DMU program within the regulations. However, the MRTB have stipulated that any candidates who enrolled between 1 January – 11 February 2019 must successfully complete the program within 5 years, hence by January 2024 as no extensions can be offered.

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