Distractors in Ultrasound – Research Survey

//Distractors in Ultrasound – Research Survey

Distractors in Ultrasound – Research Survey

Distractors in Ultrasound:

Investigating sonographer perceptions about the impact of ‘distractors’ on the performance of obstetric ultrasound.
Obstetric sonography is widely recognised by sonographers as a social and bonding event, but this can sometimes translate into a chaotic scanning environment, rich in distractions. Distractions have been found to contribute to errors in health care settings, but there has been minimal exploratory research in the sonographic setting. A distracter is any event or stimulus that can cause diversion from the task at hand.
The results will inform if there is a need to develop policy in this area. Please take 15 minutes of your time to fill out the survey.


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