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Corporate Partnership

ASUM has developed a comprehensive Corporate Partnership Prospectus. The prospectus offers partnership opportunities for a company to engage with ASUM’s diverse cross-section of industry professionals be it through the Annual Scientific Meeting, Continuing Professional Development Workshops, Webinars, or any part of the ASUM business.

The partnership options and commitment levels vary and can be tailored to suit your business strategies. Whatever your business, partnering with ASUM will help meet your brand and marketing objectives.

To view the current Events Partnership Prospectus click here.

To view the current ASUM 2021 Sponsorship Prospectus click here.

To view the current ASUM New Zealand 2021 Sponsorship Prosepctus click here

Partners are required to become Corporate Members of ASUM. To learn about the other benefits of Corporate Membership click here.

For any assistance, please contact the ASUM Team:

+61 2 9438 2078

+61 2 9438 3686