The ongoing effect of the COVID-19 pandemic will be different for all of us. While it is still essential to practice physical distancing and hand hygiene, there is an expectation that other challenges will start to appear post COVID-19 due to isolation and anxiety at this time. Now is a great time to check in on yourself, family and colleagues.

The ASUM team have been sharing some of their ideas with each other and we hope by sharing them with you there may be an idea that resonates to provide a little ‘selfcare’ and kindness for you and those close to you. Whether quiet reflection is your medicine of choice or learning a Bollywood dance to brighten your day, we truly hope this is helpful and inspires you to find time for you with a little extra support from the ASUM team.

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While many of us will have felt overwhelmed or exhausted over the last few weeks, there are a number of red flags listed by BeyondBlue to indicate that you, or someone you know, needs more help.

  • Uncharacteristic behaviour;
  • Getting into a lot of conflict with family, friends or work, can signal you’re overstretched;
  • Making silly mistakes at work;
  • Withdrawing from your world;
  • Massive exhaustion on the weekends;
  • Overly self-critical thoughts;
  • Feelings of depression, hopelessness or worry.

Beyond Blue has a mental health self-checklist, that may provide a good starting point to consider and document your feelings and need for support.

Visit for more online mental wellbeing and support resources and discussion forums.