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ASUMCare4U: Worry Less, “Karaoke” More

ASUMCare4U: Worry Less, “Karaoke” More

Published 2 July 2020
by Dhruva from ASUM Team

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Published 2 July 2020


These gloomy days have surely made me utilize my hidden talent, Singing. My partner once told me I am a bathroom singer, and then I realized I not only sing in the bathroom, I PERFORM. This made me realize music is my medicine, and yes, we are a crazy, Bollywood music-loving family.

Imagine a car ride without music? Well, we cannot! When we are in our car, the music is at full volume and so are we. Each one of us feels that we are a Rockstar. Turn by turn, we play our songs and show our singing skills. The most talented person out of the three is our two and a half years old daughter, Zoe, who knows quite a few Bollywood songs and all her rhymes by heart. Born to crazy Bollywood music and dance-loving parents, she has inherited these skills for sure.

You may choose to agree or disagree by looking at the video below:

Then came the new normal and long drives seemed a distant memory. But we did not lose hope, and we started showing our singing talents again during most of our evenings. Our mantra for wellbeing is now – “Turn on the Karaoke and become a singing sensation.”

Karaoke isn’t about sounding good, it’s all about singing TOGETHER, and it’s so much fun, believe me!

I once read “Worry less, sing more” and here we are implementing it most of our evenings. Worth trying in this quarantine time! Let us know how you go..

You can also play karaoke on YouTube and below are useful apps to try out:

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