Picking up a pen to practice lettering is a soothing and therapeutic way to switch off in the evenings.

ASUMCare4U: Calligraphy

ASUMCare4U: Calligraphy

Published 25 June 2020
by Chloe from ASUM Team

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Published 25 June 2020


Picking up a pen to practice lettering is a soothing and therapeutic way to switch off. Learning basic shapes and drawing flourishing letters does not happen overnight however, having plenty of patience is the secret!

It is an activity the whole family can be involved in and doubles up in providing us with (much needed) stress relief. The fun part is getting creative and experimenting with different effects that chalk, ink, pens and crayons can create.

Calligraphy was first used to write religious texts across the world over 3,000 years ago but now modern calligraphy is used in design to create advertisements, menus, invites and so on.

Modern calligraphy is knowing how to balance your thin strokes with your thick strokes. Your strokes going up on the page should be thin, whilst your strokes going down should be thick. Another major indicator in calligraphy is consistency. You should try to keep your letters consistent in size, shape and brush strokes to increase the overall visual harmony of the text.

Links to free templates and printable goodies from the web.

Check out this Youtube clip: Calligraphy for beginners – using what you have at home!

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  • Uncharacteristic behaviour;
  • Getting into a lot of conflict with family, friends or work, can signal you’re overstretched;
  • Making silly mistakes at work;
  • Withdrawing from your world;
  • Massive exhaustion on the weekends;
  • Overly self-critical thoughts;
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Beyond Blue has a mental health self-checklist, that may provide a good starting point to consider and document your feelings and need for support.

Visit www.coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au for more online mental wellbeing and support resources and discussion forums.