ASUM Strategic Plan

//ASUM Strategic Plan

ASUM Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan is crucial for any business or society, to understand the goal they are aiming to achieve and their purpose for delivering this goal. The ASUM Council and executive team came together in February to begin creating a new vision for ASUM to best meet your needs as an ASUM member and ultrasound professional. As you are aware, a lot has happened since February and we have been adapting this plan to recognise the current challenges while creating the future pathway building on the amazing skill and knowledge within the ASUM membership.

I am proud to present the new ASUM Strategic plan.

The mission, often referred to as the purpose for existence, builds on the extensive talent and expertise within the membership. Fostering a collaborative multi-disciplinary community of highly competent health professionals who deliver ultrasound excellence has become the new mission for ASUM.

Over the next 12-18 months, one of the key objectives is to connect members across various ultrasound communities to support each other both personally and professionally. Perhaps this is a community of students, supervisors, a special interest in rheumatic heart disease or outreach work as a few examples. There are so many more options that I hope and expect will resonate with you.

Many ‘normal’ days in ultrasound bring challenges, whether the patient history and clinical story is not piecing together, or there is difficulty in achieving an ultrasound diagnosis, but this is often what drives us to deliver ultrasound excellence for our patients. COVID-19 has created many more hurdles in providing the essential service of ultrasound to maximise patient care while ensuring minimal risk for all ultrasound practitioners. ASUM continues to work with government in Australia and New Zealand to advocate for all our members. This includes clear explanations of the various roles and subsequent risks in the delivery of ultrasound services with access to appropriate personal protective equipment. The role of cardiopulmonary ultrasound in the fight against COVID-19 requiring access to ultrasound equipment in critical care and emergency departments continues to be advocated.

ASUM began 50 years ago to ensure best practice in ultrasound, as this new and evolving technology offered exciting results. Collaboration between scientists, engineers and the healthcare community enabled remarkable development to achieve exciting results in diagnostic ultrasound. This new strategic plan builds on this collaboration and community for mutual benefit of all. I hope you will join your colleagues and wider ultrasound community at ASUM to achieve this together.


Lyndal Macpherson

Chief Executive Officer

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