Professional activity is characterised by a continual search for mastery in order to offer a service to one’s patients and clients. The goal of continuing professional development (CPD) is to provide practitioners with enhanced knowledge and skills to continue professional practice, and the development of an increased sense of critical awareness.

ASUM’s myASUM program is based on successful Australian and International models and has been developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, whose MOCOMP® program has run successfully for several years. It seeks to accredit those learning activities which members undertake in order to attain and maintain mastery in their field, and provide feedback to enable members to compare their CPD involvement with that of their peers.

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Program Information

NZ MRTB Information

The New Zealand Medical Radiation Techologists Board (NZ MRTB) requires all accredited Medical Sonographers to regularly participate in CPD to demonstrate their ongoing competence in practice. myASUM has been assessed by MRTB and it has been determined that participation in the myASUM program will meet the required level of CPD in New Zealand.
For more information, please see MRTB Website.

ASAR Information

The Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR) requires all accredited Medical Sonographers to be a current member of a recognised CPD program in order to maintain their accreditation. myASUM is the ASAR accredited CPD program offered by ASUM, the peak body for advancing medical ultrasound in Australia.
To enrol in myASUM to meet ASAR requirements, members must register their CPD program selection with ASAR. ASAR will then communicate directly with ASUM regarding enrolment and member performance.

For more information, please see ASAR Website.