ASUM Council 2018-19

//ASUM Council 2018-19

ASUM Council 2018-19

ASUM President A/Prof Fred Joshua

Following the ASUM AGM held on the 30 November 2018, we welcome our new President A/Prof Fred Joshua. Fred is a rheumatologist at numerous sites in Sydney. In addition to his passion for ASUM, he is actively engaged in education of medical students and junior doctors, while also being active in international research, particularly around imaging in rheumatology.



A/Prof George Condous – Past President

On behalf of the ASUM Council and the membership, we wish to thank and acknowledge the dedication and commitment George has shown to ASUM during his time as President. George has strongly advocated and represented ASUM at senate enquiries, local and national government and international meetings between 2016-18 on behalf of the ASUM. George will continue on Council for the following 12 months as Past President, offering support and continuity to your Society.




Thank You to past Council

Thank you to both Suean Pascoe and Rex de Ryke for their commitment to ASUM, sharing their amazing knowledge and a great deal of time, while representing the ultrasound community as sonographer Councillors.

Suean was a sonographer Councillor from 2012 to 2018, sharing her expertise both in ultrasound and business to further advance ASUM. Rex was a seconded Councillor from 2016 to 2018, also strongly advocating for sonographers, particularly ensuring our New Zealand members were well represented.


And a Welcome

It is with great pleasure that we welcome two new sonographer Councillors.

Deb has been the senior sonographer at the Fetal Medicine Unit, Canberra Hospital since 2007. Prior to specializing in obstetric ultrasound, Deb practiced general and vascular ultrasound in both private and public clinical settings. In 2010 she completed a Master of Applied Science (Sonography) through RMIT and has recently commenced a PhD by research at the ANU School of Medicine. Passionate about ultrasound education, she is a member of the DMU board of examiners, has presented at ASA and ASUM conferences, and published in AJUM.  Deb was awarded ACT sonographer of the year at the ASA Awards of Excellence 2013 and ASUM Australasian sonographer of the year in 2014.



Alison is a general sonographer from Adelaide. She currently shares her time between the Royal Adelaide Hospital, which is South Australia’s largest tertiary hospital, and Specialist Imaging Partners, which is a small independently run ultrasound practice specialising in women’s imaging.

She holds a graduate diploma in Medical Sonography and a Masters of Medical Sonography. She has wide-ranging professional experience having worked in both private practices and public hospitals, and both regional and metropolitan centres which has given her a well-rounded view of the issues affecting sonographers across many demographics.

Alison is a current DMU examiner and general representative on the DMU Board of Examiners.

Life Membership awarded

It is with great pleasure that ASUM recognised the work and commitment of Ron Benzie,  awarding him Life membership to ASUM during the AGM. Ron continues to be a strong advocate for the ultrasound profession, both locally and internationally. Ron has been an active member of ASUM, representing the organisation as President, but also in numerous areas of education, research and strengthening the journal. Ron particularly acknowledged the work of the sonographers  and the amazing skill set that they bring to patient care.

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