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Welcome to the 2021 Awards of Excellence

The ASUM Awards of Excellence has long been established to recognise those working beyond their employment duties to benefit the ultrasound profession. These awards provide the opportunity for colleagues and peers to nominate and promote each other, acknowledge outstanding performance for the benefit of the profession and ultimately patient care. These awards also align with the values of ASUM, including the vision and mission.

Vision: Ensuring quality health outcomes when using ultrasound

Mission: Fostering a collaborative multi-disciplinary community of highly competent health professionals who deliver ultrasound excellence

The overarching criteria is designed to recognise those who;

  • Continually ensure quality service and health outcomes when using ultrasound
  • Promote ultrasound excellence
  • Provide leadership
  • Foster collaboration across ultrasound disciplines
  • Consistently demonstrate exceptional performance, significantly above that which might reasonably be expected for their position/grade.
  • Acknowledged by their peers as consistently demonstrating excellence in the field of medical ultrasound
  • Hold a current ASUM members

The Board of Directors acknowledge the outstanding work of those shortlisted in the awards for 2021.

Name Nomination Discipline Institute
A/Prof Andy Gill Educator of the Year Neonatology King Edward Memorial Hospital
Dr Carl Henman Sonologist of the Year Obstetrics and Gynaecology Riverina Family Medicine
Dr Jan Klimek Educator of the Year Neonatology Westmead Hospital
Karen Dorsett Sonographer of the Year Radiology Wagga Wagga Base Hospital
Dr Leanne Hartnett Educator of the Year Emergency Medicine Fiona Stanley Hospital
Dr Robyn Brady Educator of the Year Emergency Medicine Lady Cilentro Childrens Hospital and Lismore Base Hospital
Dr Stephen Dunjey Educator of the Year Emergency Medicine Royal Perth Hospital
A/Prof Sam Orde Sonologist of the Year Critical Care Nepean Hospital
Dr Samantha Thomas Sonographer of the Year Research, Radiology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Perinatal Imaging Research Group UNSW, Ultrasound Care and PRP radiology
Wendy Wackrow Sonographer of the Year Radiology Waikato Hospital