Group Professional Indemnity Insurance

Watkins Taylor Stone has arranged a Group Professional Indemnity Policy for ASUM members.  Following is an extract from the Watkins Taylor Stone Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet.  A copy of this Information Sheet can be found here.

Relevant Forms: ASUM Member Insurance Policy Form

Frequently Asked Questions click here.

What is the cost of this insurance?
Option (a) Employees – $176
Option (b) Self employed Contractor – $336
The above amounts include all charges.
Who does the Policy cover?
Radiographers and Sonographers who are financial members of ASUM and Radiographers and Sonographers in training who are associate members of ASUM who have applied for this insurance and received a Certificate/Schedule of Insurance in confirmation of cover.
Doctors who are financial members of ASUM may use this insurance to cover their ultrasound services only, but not any other portion of their professional practice activites.

Public Liability Insurance

This year Public Liability Insurance is also available to ASUM members taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance. The annual cost to Australian and New Zealand applicants, both employee and self-employed is $108. This is only available as an addition to PI insurance, not as a stand alone product.

For full details of the cover and to discuss your insurance requirements, please contact Watkins Taylor Stone on (02) 9488 8300 or refer to their website –

The ASUM Specimen Schedule 16-17 document can be viewed here