Kaye Griffiths Obituary

//Kaye Griffiths Obituary

Kaye Griffiths Obituary

It was with much sadness that ASUM learnt of Kaye Griffiths passing on the 7th March 2017.

Kaye was among the pioneers of ultrasound in Australia having ‘fallen across’ this new science while working as a midwife. Kaye joined the staff of the Ultrasonics Institute as a research sonographer in 1971 and was involved with the first clinical trials of greyscale ultrasound in obstetrics, gynaecology, abdominal and breast examinations which started in 1969.  Her most rewarding work was pioneering two dimensional techniques to examine the brains of young children. This work, which was published in 1973, was a huge leap forward for children experiencing neurological problems. Prior to this the only technique used to diagnose pathology in children’s brains itself caused side effects such as headaches that would last for up to two weeks.

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