10550NAT Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (General)


ASUM is the leading education provider for ultrasound education across Australasia. The GDMU has been specifically designed and developed to ensure graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes required by the growing profession of sonography.  Upon successful completion candidates will be awarded the Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound and can commence their professional life as an Accredited Medical Sonographer (AMS). Candidates will have advanced knowledge and skills to plan, perform and interpret medical ultrasound and diagnostic screening tests.

Message from the GDMU Board

It is with great pleasure that we offer the 10550NAT Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound  (General) course (GDMU) to future sonographers. This post-graduate course offered by ASUM has been designed around Industry best practice standards for ultrasonographers.  We look forward to working with you throughout the course and hope you enjoy these first steps with ASUM in your professional sonography career.

Please note the GDMU (Cardiac), GDMU (Vascular) and GDMU (Obstetrics) are currently undergoing accreditation approval with ASAR. We hope to update our members and potential students mid November 2017.


Gerry Hill

Gerry Hill,
ASUM GDMU Board Chair