We are delighted to update you with the news that the GDMU (General) has received accreditation from the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Register (ASAR). The GDMU General received accreditation in February 2017. During this very short period from accreditation, the ASUM team have all been working solidly to be able to offer this course. We will open enrolments for the GDMU General programme on Tuesday 4 April 2017.This date directly follows the completion of the 2017 DMU Prep Course. At this point in time we will be able to accept new students into the core theory units of competency. For those students who would like to enrol in the specialty theory and clinical skills units of competency, these portions of the programme will open on 5 June 2017 as we continue to build the complex structure that makes up our specialty and clinical skills components.

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